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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 11th December 2018

Looking for the best tips and advice to help you pass your driving test? Well, check out our driving test guide.

Learning to drive can be incredibly daunting, even for the most confident individuals. No matter how many driving lessons you have, the road can be unpredictable, you don’t know for certain which route you’ll be taking or the manoeuvres you’ll be faced with.

But worry not our learner friends, as we’ve all been there! So, we’ve teamed up with Midrive, the Learner Driver experts to offer the best tips to ease those nervous jitters before and during your driving test:


“Mirror, signal, manoeuvre. Oh, where’s the keys?”

1. Simulate a driving test
Your driving instructor will likely suggest a mock test and you should definitely take it or suggest one if they do not. This is the best way to prepare for the real thing and get you used to not getting any help from your examiner.

When you’re on your test, a great way to combat nerves is to pretend you’re on another mock.

best tips passing driving test

“OMG guys I’m so passing my test today! You can see it on Instagram live.”

2. Shhh! Don’ tell everyone your test date
When you book your test, try not to tell anyone about it as this will only pile on the nerves and increase pressure on yourself to pass. Keeping it a secret means no will know if you fail and they’ll get a pleasant surprise when you announce you’ve passed.

best tips passing driving test

When we said eat and drink before, we didn’t mean this.

3. Eat and drink beforehand
Even though you may feel so nervous beforehand that you do not want to eat, it’s important you eat something. Having your test on an empty stomach could lead to nausea and a growling stomach which can be incredibly distracting.

It’s also worth noting that caffeine should be avoided as, even though you think it may keep you awake, it will lead to jittery behaviour.

best tips passing driving test

“Do you need the toilet Emma or are you just nervous?”

4. Ensure you go to the toilet
Nothing will distract you and add to your nerves more than needing to go to the loo during a driving test. Even if you don’t think you need to go, it’s worth trying.


“Was that a speed hump or a cat?”

5. Stay calm and carry on
Whilst you’re on your test, your examiner will tell you which direction to go and keep instructions to an absolute minimum. If you accidently make a right turn instead of a left, do not panic, take a deep breath and get yourself back on track.

best tips passing driving test

Smile and stay positive. Also, look where you’re going.

6. Always stay positive
It’s easier said than done, but your instructor wouldn’t tell you to go for your test if they did not believe you are ready to pass. Keep telling yourself that you are completely prepared and equipped to pass and you’ll start believing it.

best tips passing driving test

“Right, just smile and pretend we weren’t suppose to be here 10 minutes ago. Say cheeeeeese!”

7. Arrive at the test centre early
A simple way to ensure your nerves are kept to a minimum is to ensure you arrive at your test location with plenty of time to spare. There is no need to cause unnecessary “Will I get there on time?” panic.

And finally, good luck!