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10 Best Cheap Estate Cars

10 Best Cheap Estate Cars

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 5th September 2016

Best Cheap Estate Cars

3. Scooby WRX Wagon, from £1500
Because they aren’t as desirable as their Saloon equivalents you can pick up WRX Wagons for extremely sensible money! A decent Classic can be bought for as little as £1500, Bug Eyes start at a few hundred quid more and Hawkeyes are starting to hover around the 4k region. Obviously non-hot versions can be bought for a lot less and might be a sensible alternative if you don’t want shares in the local petrol station!

An oddball alternative to the Impreza is the Forester STi! Funny looking things that don’t know whether they are a SUV or an estate but they still pack that flat-four turbo power.

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