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10 Best Cheap Estate Cars

10 Best Cheap Estate Cars

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 5th September 2016

Best Cheap Estate Cars

2. 330D E46 Touring, from £1500
So you want performance, economy and shit load of torque? You’ll be after BMW’s 330D then! The 3.0-litre turbo diesel is an awesome engine, it’s not as efficient as the 2.0-litre but what you lose in economy you more than gain in grunt!

You’ll pay top money for a low mileage version, if you can find one, but if you don’t mind a car with 150k plus on the clock you won’t go far wrong with one of these and a remap will make it almost as torquey as its M3 sibling! Just stay clear of 2003 cars with auto boxes, they tend to go wrong and are an expensive fix (we know, as our Jules had one!).

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