Tuned Toyota GT86


    Glenn Rowswell at 9:16 am, 6th December 2017


    What's better than one Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86? You got it, two Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86s!

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  • 1800bhp Drag Toyota GT86

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:47 am, 14th November 2016

    1800bhp Drag Toyota GT86

    Take a look at this mental Toyota GT86 packing a boosted 1FZ engine and boasting over 1800bhp. Mental!

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  • PB Brakes Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ Kit

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:56 am, 6th November 2013

    PB Brakes Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ Kit

    Just check out the gear coming out of PB Brakes this month. These sweet big-brake and coilover kits are not only some of the best quality items on the market.

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  • Eibach BRZ/GT86 Suspension Enhancements

    Glenn Rowswell at 9:10 am, 23rd August 2013

    Eibach BRZ/GT86 Suspension Enhancements

    Leading suspension firm Eibach has been one of the first to introduce a range of suspension improvements for the ‘Toyobaru’ in all of its global guises...

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  • Taniguchi in the HKS GT86

    Glenn Rowswell at 2:30 pm, 27th March 2013

    Taniguchi in the HKS GT86

    A short and sweet clip of the legendary Taniguchi drifting the supercharged HKS GT86 at Tsukuba Circuit.

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