Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish is part of the Sonax Professional range. It’s been designed as a one-step car polish, promising to remove defects and deliver impressive gloss. But does deliver results in the real world? I put it through its paces – read on for my review.

Sizes available: 8.45fl oz (240ml), 33.8fl oz (960ml), 169.1fl oz (4.8 liters). RRP: from $22.70, buy here / from £19.76, buy here.

Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish before

How I tested Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish

Before testing, I prepped my sunroof test panel. First I washed it and then clayed it to remove any traces of wax or coatings. I then dried it and used my gloss meter to take an average gloss reading. I then applied Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish using my dual-action polisher, carrying out four sets of four alternating passes. Any remaining product was then wiped off. Next, I took another set of average gloss readings before using my inspection light to carry out a visual check of the surface for any remaining swirls and marks.

I’ll get into my detailed findings shortly, but first, feel free to see how this polish stacks up against others in my car polish group test.

What Sonax says

According to Sonax, Profiline Perfect Finish has been specially developed for the 1-step polishing of locally sanded paint damage such as dust inclusions or runs. Special nano-abrasives allow good scratch removal with optimal gloss, leaving no holograms or buffing marks on the paint. With this being part of the Sonax professional range and with such an impressive description, I had very high hopes for Profiline Perfect Finish. I want to see an impressive level of correction and a high increase in gloss.

What it’s like to use Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish

I did not enjoy using Profiline Perfect Finish. It was incredibly wet, with a lot of sling spraying the areas around it. There was also a lot of product left on the test section after use. The product is rated at a 4/6 cut, and it corrected well, with only a small amount of swirls remaining. However, I didn’t like the finish. It was very hazy with quite a lot of visible marring, which was disappointing. It felt very unforgiving in that respect. The gloss increase was very impressive, however, one of the highest I’ve tested for a polish.

Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish results

Gloss meter readings and verdict

  • Gloss reading before: 81.9
  • Gloss reading after: 87.9
  • Gloss increase: 6

Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish is rather disappointing. It cuts well and delivers an impressive increase in gloss, but it’s not nice to work with. Worst of all was the hazy finish with lots of marring. I expected so much more, especially based on Sonax’s blurb for the product. Perhaps you need to work it over the paint for longer to produce a clearer finish, but other polishes I tested did so much better within my test parameters. It’s expensive, too, which adds insult to injury.

Sizes available: 8.45fl oz (240ml), 33.8fl oz (960ml), 169.1fl oz (4.8 liters). RRP: from $22.70, buy here / from £19.76, buy here.