How I Tested Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo

I tested this shampoo the same way as I have done very other shampoo that you’ll find reviewed her eon the Fast Car website. That means I’ve taken note of how much product you need to use in the dilution, analyzed its cleaning performance, and also considered cost and ease of use factors. I’ll get into detail about how this Auto Finesse product stacks up shortly, but if you want to know what I crowned as our shampoo champion, be sure to check out our guide to the best car shampoo

Size: 16.9 fl. oz (500ml), 33.8 fl. oz (1 liter), 84.5 fl. oz (2.5 liters), 1.3 gallons (5 liters). RRP: From $18.95/£11.95. Buy Auto Finesse Shampoo here.

Auto Finesse Lather car shampoo testing

First Impressions

You know where you are with Auto Finesse. Classy black bottles, flip-up lids, solid detailing products. Auto Finesse Lather is no different and ticks all those boxes. I wasn’t keen on the smell, though. It’s citrussy but has a weird sort of chemical tinge to it. Not my favourite-smelling shampoo.

Auto Finesse Lather car shampoo pouring


Auto Finesse Lather is a pH-neutral car shampoo, as you would expect. Auto Finesse says it serves up a combo of advanced surfactants with highly concentrated lubricants, and that makes for easy and safe washing.

Auto Finesse Lather car shampoo foam

What’s It Like To Use Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo

Auto Finesse says you need 2-4 capfuls in your bucket. According to my measurements, one of those is about 0.5 fl. oz, so that means 1-2 fl. oz per wash. That’s about average, so I’m happy with that. You get a lot of rich foam with Lather, as its name suggests you might, and it doesn’t disappoint in terms of the washing experience. It’s lovely and slick to work with and delivered good cleaning performance. No complaints here.

The Verdict

Auto Finesse Lather is a really solid shampoo. While it perhaps doesn’t have anything that really makes it stand out in a very crowded marketplace, you can’t go wrong. It’s a really good all-rounder that you’ll be very happy with.