Very few things can be described as properly legendary in the modified car world (though our Jules’ appetite springs to mind), but Yokohama Advan AD08 rubber is definitely one of ’em.

Still, all good things have to come to an end. Or do they? It appears not, because the Japanese daddies of all things black and sticky have just launched the Advan Neova AD08RS tyre, specifically for the Euro market.

Available in a range of 15-19-inch sizes, these offer the same hardcore (not to mention rather attractive) tread pattern as their new ADO8R cousins, along with their enhanced control and wet/dry grip, but they use an all-new, fine-tuned compound, designed to lower rolling resistance to achieve lower fuel consumption and say “kuso kurae” to EU regulations.

In other words, they look the part and they do the business. Nice one!

Price £POA

For more info see Yokohama