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X-Doria Defence Lux Phone Cases

X-Doria Defence Lux Phone Cases

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 30th August 2017

These sleek new phone cases, clad in wood, leather or luscious, luscious carbon fibre, are not only damn sweet to look at, but they offer some pretty bloody hardcore protection too.

Engineered to exceed even the most stringent military drop standards, these will absorb impact on solid concrete from up to 10-feet high!

Comprising of a soft inner rubber layer, a strong polycarbonate shell and a machined aluminium outer shield, they’re available for the latest handsets from Samsung and Apple.

And we have to say, they look properly stylish compared to most of the more extreme protective cases out there.

In fact, as something of a phone-saving, workshop essential, these seem to be on another level of posh!

Price £30

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