These two tiny corkers from VIBE are properly compact but they certainly seem to come loaded with a whole load of angry little man syndrome!

Consisting of a Monoblock and a 4-channel full-range amp, this duo of Class D Powerbox jobs actually rendered us speechless with the sort of power they can muster for their size… and we don’t have to tell you that shutting us up for any length of time is quite the achievement in itself!

Take the single-channel item for starters, it’s rated at 400watts RMS (800watts max), but it only measures 6.2-inches across, exactly the same width as a US Dollar Bill… which is about 76-pence in real money (er, you may have got that wrong there – Jules).

The ‘oh-so-larger’ 4-channel amp is only about an inch longer too, but you get 4×65 of the finest, clean watts shoved right up your speakers, what’s not to love about that, eh?

But enough about sheer force, these little monsters have been engineered to be bloody clever too. We’re not sure how VIBE have managed to actually fit it all in of course, but they’re packed with 21st century tech that not only makes them ideal system building blocks, but also makes them perfect for super-quick OEM integration.

Were talking all the bells and whistles here, like high-level inputs, auto-sense technology, low pass filters and all that technical stuff that gives audiophiles a grin on their face, and a lump in their trousers.

Even bigger and cleverer than all that though, there’s also the option of using special ISO connections to allow direct, in-line connection to factory source units.

Easy to hide, fast to fit – it looks like the biggest thing about these amps is their future on the streets. Epic stuff!

Priced £TBA

For more info see VIBE Audio