If you like your Beemer hoops a little on the gargantuan side, but you don’t fancy chucking cash around like the ghost of Elton John, these new wheels from VI Performance are not only physically massive, but they’re a massive bargain too.

We’re taking less than 600-nicker here, for a whole set of 20s! Bona fide dubs for the price of… well, something that’s slightly less 600-quid.

We like the modern twist on a classic 7-spoke design, the polished face and gloss black inners provide a classy touch while the spokes running all the way to the edge makes them look even bigger.

20s that look like 22s? Whatever next, eh? We’re all off to find a BMW on Autotrader!

Size: 9×20
PCD: Any 5×120
Offset: ET38
Finish: Gloss Black/Polished Face

Price £149 (each)

For more info see Nuts 4 Wheels