It may be fun to watch, but we’ve never been ones for dressing up in brightly-coloured leather cat suits, attempting back flips on dirt ramps and ending up in A&E with a broken back. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want one of these teeny weeny, pint-sized pit bikes from the guys at Thumpstar.

In fact, we’re loving these so much we’d even consider messing up our perfectly-coiffed barnets by wearing a lid. And that’d probably be sensible, because these little buggers are fast.

Thumpstar have been one of the biggest brands for mini-dirt bikes since the early Noughties but, considering they’re in Australia, they’ve never been all that easy to get hold of here in the UK.

They’ve still managed to sell over 40,000 of the bastards worldwide though, and now the guys at Pit Bike Direct are bringing them onto our shores, we can all have one of these tiny tearaways stashed away in our boot. There’s no trailer and tow car needed here.

Thumpstar DirtyB 140 Pit Bike

Make no mistake, the 74cm DirtyB 140 here is one of the highest quality entry-level items in the world, easily competing with bikes that cost two or even three-times the price.

Not to be confused with those novelty 50CC items you see on internet auction sites, these are packing a proper YX 140cc engine (with a race head and Z40 cam) and offer plenty of grunt for riders of up to 16-stones.

There are all sorts of high-end touches too, but the point is, these are as close as you’re gonna get to a pro dirt bike… only a fair bit smaller. Amazingly bonkers.

Price £699

For more info see Pit Bike Direct