Topping up your motor with this stuff is a bit like giving a 5-year old a crate of Red Bull and a family-size packet of Skittles – stand back, because you’ll be getting more than just wings!

As we know regular super-unleaded has an octane rating of around 98. This brand-new formulation, from the largest race fuel manufacturer in the world, has a whopping 110 of the little buggers. That’s more than in Avgas… you know, the stuff they run aeroplanes on!

What all this means is that you can get up to 10% more power in many engines, and it can also be used to ‘cut’ super-unleaded to provide an octane boost and help safeguard against detonation in highly-tuned, high-compression lumps. Taste the rainbow? Not half!

Price £4 (per litre)

For more info see Sunoco

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