Here’s a fantastical idea from the rather innovative bods at Stanceparts. This new Air Cup Lift System is designed for all you guys who like to run a super-scraping static drop… but wouldn’t mind getting over the odd speed bump from time to time too.

It’s like air ride, only it’s not air ride. Get it? (Not really, no – Initial G). In fact, it’s kind of the complete opposite because, with this particular system, you don’t drive your car with it jacked up all the time.

Instead, the air cups fit to your coilovers, so you get all the hardcore performance benefits that come with those (making these ideal for both track cars and hard-used daily drivers). But, should you ever need it, you can choose to raise your car by an extra 50mm, all at the touch of a button.

In that way it’s not unlike the ‘nose-lift’ systems that are used on many modern supercars, only with a Stanceparts setup you can choose to lift all four corners. Genius or what?

Anyway, full kits start at around 600-quid all-in, and include the special cups, air tank, compressor and everything else you need to get going. Actually, come to think of it, that makes it significantly cheaper than air-ride too!

Best of all, they reckon their universal cups will mate to over 90% of the coilovers on the market. So, as long as you check with them first, you shouldn’t have any problem bolting them on to your static-slammed pride and joy. Lovely!

Priced from £600

For more info see Stance Parts