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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 23rd November 2017

When it comes to hardcore race and rally wheels, there’s no name bigger than the mighty Speedline Corse. Their competition hoops have been on the scene for decades now, particularly in the WRC.

This new rim though, the matt black SL3 Cesare, takes all of their engineering knowhow and transfers it into a simply mahoosive road wheel.

In fact, things get even bigger with the introduction of its forged and fully bead-polished brother, the 22-inch SL3F.

We love the all-business cross-spoke design and both sexy finishes of course, but as you’d expect from proper motorsport-derived hoopage, that’s not the whole story.

The main attraction here is that they’re built to be lighter than just about any other wheel of comparable size. In other words, they’re exactly what Speedline do best.

To keep the weight down (all the while increasing strength and rigidity) the cast SL3 makes use of their flowforming technology, while the SL3F is spun-forged for much the same result, albeit a little more high-end.

It won’t take long for these little stunners to become legendary on the streets, and there’s plenty of sizes and PCDs available to make sure they fit a multitude of motors.

Although, even for the smallest ones, you’re gonna need some serious arches to fill!

• Sizes: 8×19, 9×19, 9×21, 10.5×21 (SL3) 10×22 (SL3F)
• PCD: 5×100, 5×105, 5×108 5×112 5×114.3 5×120 5×130
• Offset:30-55
• Finish: Bead Polished (SL3F) Polished/Matt Black (SL3)

Priced from £265 each

For more info see Speedline Corse