JL Audio C3 Convertible Speakers

And our Speakers of the Month are… the JL Audio C3 Convertible

The chicken or the egg? Daddy or chips? Chase or Status? And coaxial or component speakers? All age-old questions that philosophers have agonised over for thousands of years, probably. Anyway, never one to shy away from cutting-edge innovation, the daddies of US audio engineering at JL audio may have found an answer for the last one with their new C3 speaker range…

JL Audio C3 Convertible Speakers
Yep, this whole range does exactly what it says on the tin (you mean box – Jules) and that’s transform from component to coaxial and vice versa. Even though they don’t make an Opitmus Prime sound effect while they’re doing it, we still reckon this concept is properly cool, and quite simply the way forward because it gives you a number of mounting options catering for just about any OEM mid and tweeter configuration out there. This also means you get pretty much the same high-quality sound no matter how you mount ‘em. They come in 5.25in, 6.5in, and 5×7/6x8in oval sizes too, so there should be a suitable option for everyone.

JL Audio C3 Convertible Speakers
JL has never been a company to skimp on power outputs, so it’s no surprise that, no matter their size, each speaker in the C3 range can handle a tasty 75Watts RMS or 225Watts peak. The unbelievably well-engineered and fully adjustable passive crossovers that come with each set, are packed full of premium and technical sounding components like Mylar capacitors and segmented air-core inductors to make sure there’s no loss of quality and the amplified signal goes exactly to where it’s needed.

JL Audio C3 Convertible Speakers
As with any speaker the characteristics and outstanding sound reproduction of these is mostly down to their construction. The C3 tweeters offer one-inch silk dome diaphragms to deliver powerful, extended high-frequency response whether they’re mounted on or off axis (in component or coaxial configuration). As for the mid-range woofers? These are fully loaded with over-sized magnets and polypropylene cones that give an extra long excursion for powerful mid-bass and super clean mid-range output. In other words – if you’re looking for uber sound quality, then look no further!

Price £265

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