If I came home one day to find my Granny doing cartwheels around my living room dressed as Spiderman, singing the Sex Pistol’s greatest hits – I still wouldn’t be as amazed as I am with this little gadget from Workshop Plus.

Now, we’ve tested approximately eleventy-billion portable power packs here at FC; some of the larger ones can even be used as jump starters, but I’ve never seen a full-blown 400 Amp jump pack that’s smaller than my iPhone.

I mean, I’m not even a show-off with an iPhone plus size model – even in my little girly hands you can see that this thing is tiny.

Usually you get one or the other, either a small box that’ll charge your phone or tablet via USB or a whacking great jump pack that you need arms like that Duane ‘the’ Rock bloke to operate. This baby does the job of both, and it’s got a built in torch, too!

With the ability to do multiple starts on a single charge it’s not just for equally tiny motors either – this will breathe life into a car with a 3.5-litre lump, which is impressive to say the least.

My favourite bit though is that you can also use it to power a portable fridge… looks like this year’s events sorted then. Happy days.

Price £70

For more info see Smart Box