Customise your Rotiform AeroDisc’s for free, with AeroDisc Graphics…

You’ll probably remember the Rotiform AeroDiscs we brought you a couple of months ago. But, just in case you were away on your holidays or something, they’ve launched a range of amazing-looking ‘turbo-fan-style’ discs that can be attached to their LAS-R and RSE wheel, using their genius-like Billet Hex Nut. Put simply, these mean anyone can reinvent their Rotiforms in a matter of minutes and we reckon they’re easily one of the coolest products we’ve seen in years.

The big news now though, is that they’ve made a cracking invention even better by launching their own exclusive collection of graphics packages to go with them. There’s a heady selection for every taste available, with everything from urban camo to donuts (with added sprinkles).

But, best of all, they’re totally free to download via their website – so the price is most certainly right too. I mean, apart from smartphone porn and the promise of few quid from some Nigeran Prince (we’re still waiting for that deposit by the way) you don’t get much for free off the internet nowadays.

In fact, you don’t get ‘nuffin’ for nuffin’’ anywhere else either, so these have come at the most opportune moment when we’re all trying to save a few quid for the Xmas shopping.

Of course, it does help if you have a set of AeroDiscs to start off with. And these are probably best made up by a proper graphics company once you’ve decided on which ones you fancy.

But don’t sweat the small stuff dear reader, these are already going down in history as one of the landmark wheel accessories!

Price £free (sort of)

For more info see Rotiform