Anyone who loves wheels knows German manufacturer Ronal is one of the most legendary names on the streets.

They don’t bring out a new design very often either, but when they do, they always make a huge splash! And the new 8×18-inch R63 here is no exception.

Launched at Essen, it’s pretty damn striking at first glance. But it’s when you look closer at the intricate spokes and complex cutouts that you realise it’s an even bigger jaw-dropper.

Of course, we’ve seen complex wheel designs before, but these are usually achieved by forging and then machining away loads of material.

Ronal’s new ‘smart core’ process however, means these sort of technical shapes can be cast right there in the mould, without compromising on the strength of the structure.

It also means producing these sort of complicated designs is more economical than ever before, and they can pass on the savings to you.

Cheers for that Ronal. We’re always skint in January!

Price £TBA

For more info see Ronal Wheels