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Revo K04 Turbocharger System

Revo K04 Turbocharger System

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 19th March 2013

Revo K04 Turbocharger System

Revo K04 Turbocharger System for 2.0TSi VW Group Vehicles

Revo has released details of an amazing new turbo upgrade kit for all VW Group vehicles running the awesome 2.0 TSI engine. This includes vehicles like the VW Beetle, Golf and Scirocco as well as the Audi A3, Seat Leon FR and Skoda Octavia VRS.

On these models, the OEM turbocharger will limit the maximum power that the engine can ever produce. Irrespective of any other modifications or improvements fitted, the standard turbo tops out at around the 300bhp mark.

Featuring a significantly larger impellor, the K04 will be able to flow up to 400bhp on a suitably modified and re-mapped car, with 360-380bhp being a safe and sensible ‘daily driving’ option.

This new Revo kit contains everything needed to give the recipient car the extra ‘puff’ to match the abilities of other components like uprated intercoolers and software upgrades.

The turbocharger system benefits from an integrated diverter valve mount as found on the OEM turbocharger unit meaning there is no requirement to relocate the diverter valve, as with some conversions. In addition, the OEM baffle has been removed to increase flow allowing optimum performance from the turbocharger. In short, it will endow the recipient vehicle with hugely noticeable increase in performance when fitted as part of a total performance package.

Included in the package are all gaskets, studs and seals required to mount the unit, making fitment a relatively straightforward affair. Once fitted, the Revo K04 Turbocharger System will need to be run with Revo’s tailored software solutions to achieve optimum results.

Priced from £2158

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