This month we’ll mostly be getting our arses down to Toys R Us to bag one of these award-winning items before they totally sell out for Christmas.

There’s quite the buzz around this mad little bugger from electronics masters Revell at the moment too, because it’s designed to take RC to the next level by incorporating a good slice of VR tech.

Unlike the technology though, the idea is actually pretty simple. It’s basically a tough-all terrain RC motor with a roof mounted camera that sends live video to your smartphone via a free Revell Control app.

This means you can either mount your device to the remote control or, if you can turn the ‘immersive’ porn off for long enough, use the goggles for the full (and thoroughly mentalist) VR experience.

Take photos, shoot videos, perform fl ps and quite possibly throw your guts up along the way. What’s not to love about that, eh?

Price £100

For more info see Revell