A decent air filter is possibly the most basic of tuning mods and an absolute no brainer when it comes to getting your engine breathing properly. These brand-spanking-new PRORAM jobs though, are clearly more decent than most.

Brought to you by the people at RamAir, this new high-end brand of uber-quality, pleated cotton gauze filters has been specifically designed with one thing in mind – to get maximum airflow while maintaining the best possible filtration (er, that’s two things – Initial G).

Available as universal items, along with a whole range of vehicle specific kits that’s currently in development, these offer some of the best bang-for-your-buck anywhere.

They can also be ordered with a special ‘Twin-Tagential’ velocity stack which has been scientifically proven to increase flow with less turbulence, most effectively on tuned cars.

Whether you’re replacing your standard kit or upgrading your aftermarket filter for something with much better flow, we reckon these are a top choice.

Priced from £35

For more info see Ramair Filters