Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 7th March 2019

We spotted this awesome-looking, forged stunner at Autosport and, as it turns out, the beauty here isn’t just skin deep.

Far from being a one-off show special that you’ll never be able to get your mitts on, these one piece monoblocks are made right here in the UK, and available in just about any custom finish you can dream up.

Take this one as a rough example of what can be done. It has a machined face with a brushed titanium finish, a DDT (that’s Double Dark Tint to us mere mortals), and even anodised barrels – talk about going all out, eh?

That said, these guys love a challenge, so yours can be even madder. The only real limit here is your imagination.

We love the classic, flat-face, split-ten design and, for full-on forged hoops that are built specifically for your car, we can’t help thinking they offer some seriously good value too. Well played sirs, well played!

Sizes: Any 19-24 diameter, any 8-12 widths
PCD: Any 5-stud
Offset: 5-50
Finishes: Any custom

Priced from £3495 (a set)

For more info see Projex UK