In various guises the legendary Pirelli P Zero has been around since the ‘80s and, to this day, remains an icon in the world of black sticky circles. It’s also a super-premium product chosen for OEM fitment by many a manufacturer of automotive exotica.

There is one big change the Italian compound gurus are rolling out this summer though. From now on their P Zero doesn’t have to be completely black! Nope. Inspired by the F1 tyres we’ve all been lusting after for the past few years, Pirelli are now offering colour-coded rubber to the public and, we think you’ll agree, they look pretty damn swish too!

With 19-inch (and above) sizes available for pre-order right now, this news would be more than enough to get our bits fizzing. But wait, there’s more. These will also have the option of their flashy new Connesso system, a sensor embedded into the sidewall that monitors tread, performance and pressures, via the Pirelli Cloud and a smartphone app.


This clever little widget can send you warnings, work out when you’ll be needing a new tyre and even automatically order the bugger (along with an appointment) at your local supplier. I mean, how’s that for some all-time, unbelievable, mind-blowing shit?

As for the red, white, yellow and silver colour editions themselves. Well, hell yes, it’s a huge gimmick. But who cares about a little thing like that? These things, in our humble opinion, are quite simply the poodle’s plums!


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