The Mk7 ST is proving to be one of the most popular fast Fords for a whole new generation of modifiers, and it’s one that can easily take advantage of the wealth of plug-in tuning options developed by the calibration engineers over at PERON.

Their new Stage-2 Pro tune here, is the top of the range and designed to maximise the performance of the stock turbo to deliver a whopping 220 horses at the wheels.

They’ve also spent months working on the standard Bosch ECU to adjust the timing, air/fuel mix and reworking the throttle management for response that improves the driving experience no end.

There’s all sorts of other tricks available with this one too but, perhaps best of all, any existing PERON Stage-1 or Stage-2 customer can upgrade to a Stage-2 Pro tune for just £120. Banging!

Price £519

For more info see Peron Tuned