The full performance of the Ford Focus RS can now be let loose thanks to two new upgrade packages from mountune, the m400R and m400X.

Each brings the exhilarating RS to a crazy new level of performance, delivering substantially more torque and power to create an exhilarating yet practical package. The m400R replaces and supersedes the m400 upgrade, adding additional maps and increased functionality. The m400X upgrade is for owners that wish to extract every last bit of performance from their 2.3-litre EcoBoost, while retaining the standard turbocharger.

“The Focus RS is a fantastic vehicle to drive and the platform responds extremely well to our performance upgrades,” explains David Moore, Director of mountune Performance. “With these two kits the power and torque are now exceptional both in quantity and delivery. This is particularly true of m400X which turns the RS into something truly phenomenal. We are also proud to provide legacy m400 owners with a free upgrade to m400R. This will give them additional features and functionality and demonstrates the commitment we make to providing the best for our loyal customers.”

The m400R package takes the peak power and torque of the RS to 400PS and 560Nm, respectively. It also includes a number of alternative calibrations to provide drivers with increased usability and introduces two not previously seen in the m400. The maps included in the m400R are: the m400R Calibration, OEM Power, Fuel Economy Calibration, and Valet Mode. In addition, a number of AccessPort features have been made available including: adjustable RPM limit, full-time launch control, adjustable launch set-point, full-throttle gear change, tailored valet and anti-theft modes, dyno mode, and full access to all OBD channels for custom gauges and data-logging.

The m400X builds on the m400R and takes the performance of the RS to another level, substantially increasing the area under both power and torque curves. As a result, the pick-up, response and mid-range are all dramatically transformed, arming the Focus RS with incredible performance. The m400X package also includes all of the new features introduced by the m400R.

Both the m400R and m400X are available to purchase now. For those who already own mTune handsets, the new firmware can be purchased online and updated in-field. Both kits require hardware modifications to ensure the RS achieves the desired performance safely.

Price £595

For more info see Mountune