Mountney, while best known for its Classic range of dark and light wood-rimmed wheels for classic cars, the firm has long offered more contemporary products via its M-Range, now home to this deep dish ‘rally’ offering. This wheel is perfect for Club Motorsport, or fast road use.

Never underestimate the impact a new, smaller, performance focussed steering wheel can have on a car’s appearance and the driving experience it offers. A more compact aftermarket wheel can have a disproportionately positive impact, making the driver feel more at home, in full control of the car itself – and even as one with its steering system.

By bringing the wheel closer to the driver, shortening reach, control is improved – and the ability for a bit of tiller-twirling is made much easier.

Mountney’s M-Range is home to its more contemporary offerings, and this rally style wheel most certainly fits the bill. 340mm in diameter and dominated by a pronounced ‘dished’ centre, the three-spoke offering boasts a black centre with a black Alcantara rim, making it the obvious choice for cars of all kinds; from stage-taming Mk2 Escorts to drift-spec BMW E36s.

Price £60

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