Filters like Mishimoto’s new offering for the Honda Civic FK8 Type R are very important for protecting your engine. In fact, they’re just like bog roll – buy cheap and, sooner or later, you’ll end up with a whole load of poop on your hands!

Still, filtration prowess isn’t the only thing that makes this new kit from Mishimoto one of the very best on the market, it’s more that this one is scientifically proven to offer a 42% increase in airflow for a 16.7whp gain on an otherwise standard FK8.

There’s no denying it looks the part with its CNC-machined aluminium MAF housing, powder-coated airbox and oversized silicone intake pipe too.

But what’s even more mind boggling is that it’s been specifically designed to maintain safe air-fuel rations so you don’t need any specialist mapping to actually see the power hike. Amazing!

Price £420

For more info see Mishi Moto