The bods at navigation giant Mio may be most renowned for getting you from A to B in a timely manner but, should the worst ever happen, they can also help get you out of a spot of bother with other road-users… chiefly because ‘road-users’ is usually translated as ‘right lying bastards’ here in the UK. It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove after all.

Still, apart from all the usual dash-cam-esq features, that incidentally seem to go well above and beyond most of the others on the market, this new MiVue 766 item is not only reasonably priced, but it at also comes with the clever touch of real-time backup (to your smartphone) via the MiVue app.

You can also stream your unbelievable driving skills to friends and family on Facebook Live… presumably to make that obligatory bollocking from your Mum that little bit simpler.

In any case, for the money, this has to be one of the most tech-packed cams out there. Buy one, and hope you never need it.

Price £110

For more info see Mio