What’s better than a wax? A wax that’s also a cleaner and a polish too of course. And that’s exactly what the bods at Meguiar’s are offering here with their imaginatively-named 3-in-1 Wax.

Still, they may have not spent an age messing about on what to call it, but there’s no denying that they’ve put some serious R&D into this one.

Packed with advanced abrasives and a whole load of rich polishing oils, this thoroughly 21st Century formula can remove defects and blemishes below the surface of your paint, but provide additional depth, fullness-of-colour and gloss too.

What’s more, the unique blend of carnauba and synthetic polymers provide a super-durable barrier to the elements and extreme water-beading, all in one simple step.

It can also be applied by hand or with a DA and for 25-quid you get a big 16-ounce (yep, they’re American) bottle of the stuff. We likey, lots.

Price £25

For more info see Meguiar’s