The guys at Massive Audio certainly live up to their name. In the US of A in particular they’re not just a big in-car entertainment brand, they’re absolutely… well, you get the picture.

This rather hardcore new range of speakers is their latest offering and they’re designed not just to be bloody heavy-duty, but as real audiophile pleasers too. All in a thoroughly affordable package.

Now, giving the best of all worlds (without falling apart in the relatively harsh environment a vehicle that’s actually driven brings with it) is never an easy task. But these high quality coaxials manage it by combining heavy steel baskets, custom fibreglass cones and high-energy Y35 magnets, with a built-in 6db crossover, fully isolated tinsel leads, and a custom-designed pole piece for low distortion and better sound quality.

Available in 5-different sizes, including a 5×7 and 6×9 option, they’ll eat up between 50 and 80watts RMS a piece too, offering some serious boom-boom for your buck. Outstanding!

Priced from £60

For more info see Massive Audio