Anyone who’s ever thought of tuning an Evo, in fact, anyone who’s ever looked at an Evo, knows that Link fully-programmable ECUs are pretty much standard equipment nowadays.

Have a look at any tuned Evos, we reckon 80-percent of ‘em will be rocking one of Link’s finest. And there’s good reason for that, the Kiwi fellas really know what they’re on about.

Link Engine Management are perhaps most famous for their direct-replacement, plug-in units too, but this Kurofune job is their very first ECU designed to work off the common aftermarket adapter looms you’ll often find in Supras, Chasers, Aristos, S2Ks and a whole load of other Japanese metal.

What it does, unlike the piggyback ECUs you’ll usually discover plugged in, is unlock a whole load of extra features. Basically, this puppy will allow you include more stuff like switchable maps, anti-lag and launch control. In other words, it pushes the game on significantly.

Being-map sensor-based too, you can also get rid of the standard air flow meters, many of which are becoming a rare and costly parts nowadays.
We could go on and on of course, but just rest assured that it’s a clever slice of tech that’s got the lot, and an absolute must for modern tuning nuts.

Price £POA

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