There’s no denying that one of the all-time great mods is painting up those stock brake callipers. We’ve all done that once or twice over the years, right?

The thing is though, when you’re looking for peak performance and upgrading with a stonking BBK, you don’t really want to go colour-matching your brand-new callipers with a tin of high-temperature paint and a brush, do you? To be fair, powdercoating can be a right old faff too, and that’s if you can ever find the right colour. So, we can see where the guys at KSport are coming from with their rather genius idea of offering an almost infinite amount of new calliper options.

These guys have always made some amazing (and well-priced) big disc and multi-pot conversions, all the way up to 444mm discs with monster 8-pots in fact. Traditionally though, their callipers have been only available in red, black, yellow and orange – the price you pay for such an extensive fitment list.

The big news now though, is that you can now order your new units in pretty much any colour your heart desires. So, not only have these guys got perhaps the most comprehensive range of direct-fit kits in the business, but now they have all the bloody colours, too.

Now, there’s nothing better than more options, we know this. And the premise is ideal for matching up your flash new paintjob. It’s arguably even better for making your build stand out from the crowd of other popular cars. Where they really come into their own though, is if you’re rocking those iconic special edition colours, like Audi Nardo Grey, Honda Championship White, Ford Imperial Blue or Vauxhall Arden Blue (to name but a few). With that in mind, a set of these could make an extremely trick edition, even if you’re something of a brand purist.

We love the braking performance most of course. But often the colour can be key. We mean, you wouldn’t buy a bright pink R8 would you? Well then.

Price £140 (surcharge)

For more info see KSport