There’s an old adage in tuning that universal parts are universally designed to fit sweet feck-all. But K&N changed all that a while ago with their tremendously successful, not to mention tremendously effective, Apollo intake.

Perhaps that’s why they named it after a creature of mythology and why they’ve done the same with its successor, the Orion. They’re rather clever chaps at K&N after all.

Anyway, the new Orion intake is without-a-doubt the most extensively developed universal intake on the market. It’s also designed for maximum air flow in a small package with a specially shaped filter to maximise and maintain air velocity to get you more power.

The most important thing though, the thing where the majority of universal intakes stumble, is there’s a facility to connect any type of breather system, so it’ll actually fit properly. Which is handy.

Price £180

For more info see K&N Filters