If, in the event of an accident, you want to stop the other bloke doing his finest Shaggy impression (It wasn’t me? Oh, never mind…) a dash cam is something of an essential nowadays.

That said, many of these items can give your credit card a right old battering, so it’s good tosee Kitvision bucking the trend by offering a top-quality item for just 50-quid! Now obviously, for that money, it’s already a no brainer.

But that goes double when you find out that it’s packed with all the features you want, stuff like Auto-Start, G-sensor collision detection, motion detection and a proper parking mode, but without any of the silly bits and pieces that inevitably push the price up.

In that way, it’s a basic bit of kit, that’s not all that basic at all. We just can’t argue with that concept.

Price £50

For more info see Kit Vision