These wee monsters from the sonic scientists over at Kicker are so hot off the press, they haven’t even confirmed the UK prices yet!

Still, what’s most unusual is that these are genuine entry-level offerings… presumably to make sure that even us mere mortals will be able to afford a whole load of Kicker awesomeness in our cars.

It makes sense, though, after all, Kicker are perhaps most associated with high-end works of auditory weaponry. So, there’s plenty of room on the market for more budget-conscious items.

Speaking of cars too, the new CS-Series is pretty massive: it has no less than 12 different configurations of coaxial and component systems. All this basically means is they’ll have an option for almost every motor ever made.

Oh, and they’re all packing thoroughly non-budget stuff like optimised magnets, EVC (extended voice coils) for deeper bass, and the most hardcore component parts to ensure they last a lifetime of spanking.

So, how long do we have to wait? Hurry up!

Price £TBC

For more info see Kicker