When it comes to the science of engineering hernia-inducing, hardcore bass, there’s not many that can even begin to keep up with the lords of the lows over at Kicker.

That said, they may be arguably most famous for their monster square subs, which are clearly forged in the fires of hell itself, but nowadays they’re all about producing some of the most powerful, compact enclosures on the market too.

These new CompC units are case and point. They may only be packing a punchy 10-incher, but what a woofer these award-winning CompC units really are.

And that goes double for when they’re matched to an immaculately-engineered, thin-profile ported box that’s optimised specifically for each sub.

The results, as you may expect, are nothing short of profound. These enclosures can eat up to 300watts RMS and pump out some serious volume, but they do it with fidelity and sound quality that’s simply unbeatable.

You also get a choice of 4 or 2ohm woofers, which should cater for any audiophile-pleasing setup, even when space is super-tight. Sonic awesomeness and no mistake!

Price £160

For more info see Kicker UK