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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 9th July 2018

Okay, so maybe we’re all guilty of chucking around the word ‘amazing’ a bit too readily. That suspension setup is amazing, those wheels look amazing… that sandwich, it’s just amazing – we’ve all said it, right?

This long-awaited new range of super-compact, class-D amplifiers, really is properly amazing though, and I’ll tell you why…

These are, in fact, the very first JL offerings to incorporate a top-of-the-line Digital Signal Processor, and that means they’re equipped to offer unprecedented tuning power and flexibility, right out of the box.

They’re obviously not messing about by testing the water with a single amplifier either. They’ve actually gone full bore by offering 2 powerful monoblocks, 4 full-range options and even a couple of 5-channel system amps incorporating this jaw-dropping new tech. In other words, there’s an option for absolutely everything you could ever need to build your perfect SQ system.

Of course, tiny but extremely powerful amps have become a must-have over the past few years, and we’ve all seen those before. There are loads of high-end features we could talk about too, stuff like high-speed switching technology to deliver reference-grade power and efficiency, or ultra-versatile, differential-balanced analog and optical digital inputs. But perhaps the most important thing here will always be that new triple-core DSP engine.

This clever system has a synchronised power supply for crystal-clear audio quality, along with low distortion and noise. It also helps to improve performance by acting as a master clock and enabling powerful input switching, routing and mixing for a wide range of sources and configurations.

What’s also interesting is that setting it all up isn’t the tedious case of twiddling knobs like with traditional amplifiers. Instead you download their free TüN Software on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and tweak your settings from the comfort of the driver’s seat. So, in essence, what we’re looking at here is the next generation of professional, studio quality audio technology, shrunk down to fit in your boot. Like I said, properly amazing!

Priced from £800

For more info see JL Audio