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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 6th February 2019

The compact audio market really blew up in 2018 and, in the coming year, we can see it becoming nothing short of an unstoppable force.

Much of the focus has been on lightweight amplifiers and OEMintegration of course, but here’s something completely different – a full feature stand-alone source unit from JL Audio.

This mech-less system relies on a digital radio tuner, a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity to get its music, but what you’ll notice first is that it’s absolutely tiny.

Being so small and lightweight obviously makes this one perfect for custom applications where space is tight or for stripped-out racers.

It’s bloody rugged too, and weatherproof, probably because it was initially designed for yachts and speedboats. Very posh.

Still, you’re not going to mount this on the outside, and the main thing is the MM50 has been engineered to deliver outstanding digital sound fidelity despite having a chassis that would fit on a keyring.

It’s a small world when it comes to audio, and getting smaller all the time.

Price £349

For more info see JL Audio

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