Say hello to the new C7 speaker range from JL Audio

The guys at JL Audio have always been known for their supreme quality SQ speakers, but these new C7 components are simply something else. In fact, even JL themselves say these are their finest ever automotive component speakers and, while that would sound like simple marketing spiel (or maybe even bragging) from anyone else, these guys are normally far too reserved for such crudities. My point is (get to it son, for Christ’s sake – Ed) you just know they’re going to be amazing… and, having heard them, I can certainly confirm that!

The range comprises of a C7-650cw 6.5-inch woofer, a C7-350cm 3.5-inch mid-range driver and rather special little 1-inch C7-100ct Corundum ceramic-coated dome tweeter. This, as I’m sure you know, gives a technically perfect 3-way system. But, unlike with the vast majority of speakers out there, what they started with here was a totally clean sheet. Rather using bits and pieces from their other offerings, these have been engineered from scratch to be the pinnacle of sound reproduction equipment, and only then were they optimised specifically for car audio applications.

There’s some pretty special details that come with these too, like the way the lead wires on the mid-range driver attach to the rear suspension to prevent noise, without messing up the structural integrity of the spider. Then there’s the woofer dust cap that provides the smoothest possible high frequency response and mechanical integrity – they actually got through ten prototypes before they decided on this one!

Most of all though, these represent the very best of what can be done to create a super-advanced active 3-way system. You don’t even need a separate passive crossover network because they’re specifically designed to be set up perfectly with a good-quality modern DSP. The result is absolutely no technical compromises, and that’s rare to say the least. Epic stuff.

Priced from £200 (C7-100ct Tweeter each)

For more info see JL Audio