You don’t have to be some sort of F1 engineer to realise that there can only be one thing in life better that than a camber arm, and that’s an ‘extra’ camber arm. More is more people, there’s no shame in that.

Developed with hardcore drift use in mind, these super-tough rose-jointed bastards are designed to replace the front lower arms on the legendary Mk4 Toyota Supra JZA80 and also the Lexus Soarer JZZ30.

This will not only eliminate the binding and play found in many worn OEM arms (they are getting on a bit now) but, as they’re also 25mmm wider, they also enable a huge amount of negative camber to be dialled in.

That said, they’re not only for track use, any hard-driven Supra can benefit from a set of these – and what was the big, bad Toyota if it wasn’t designed to be driven hard?

Price £500

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