There’s no denying we’ve had a corking summer for once (really, where have you been?), and it’s not even over yet. Hopefully we’ll see yet more sunshine though, and that’ll give all you R33 and R34 Skyline owners a rather good excuse to bag one of these top-notch radiators from Japspeed.

To be fair, we all know that standard Skylines are rare here in the UK, and that any hike in power means it’s mighty sensible to increase the cooling efficiency too.

The good news is these aerospace grade aluminium rads come without the usual ‘Skyline tax’, and they’re even more of a bargain when you consider the price includes next-day delivery.

Sporting a huge 42mm core, they’ll increase your cooling by a whopping 40 percent. So, it’s not a case of IF you need one. For that money, it’d be silly not to.

Price £189

For more info see Japspeed