Even when you go into the realms of brand-new, mega money exotica, there’s still not many cars that are real-world faster than Nissan’s GT-R.

Of course, chances are most of us haven’t got a cheeky R35 knocking about in our garage. Then again, none of us wake up next to Rita Ora every morning either, but it doesn’t stop us dreaming!

It’s much the same story with this mental new Valvetronic exhaust system. Even if you haven’t got the motor to put it on (yet), you’ll still appreciate that this one’s a bona fide turbo-back work of art.

Dyno proven to give an extra 43.5 bhp on an otherwise standard car, this stainless-steel beauty features a 3.5-inch bore, carbon tailpipes and some bloody clever valves which can be closed (via a remote keyfob) to quieten it down for early morning starts, long journeys or to comply with track-day noise regulations.

As an added bonus, if you do own a GT-R, the price includes next-day delivery because, well, proper supercar drivers aren’t really used to hanging about, are they?

Price £2,359

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