There’s no denying the latest Fezzie is a properly capable little hot hatch. And we’re not just talking about the 1.5-litre ST.

They’re all proper Kipling in the corners, as the kids would say (Er, we think that means exceedingly good?).

Anyway, the best thing about these new foam filters, from racing specialists ITG, is they haven’t simply offered a high-flow solution for the ST and nothing else, but there’s a topnotch panel available for the 1.0 and 1.2-litre variants too.

As you’d expect from ITG, these are all engineered with an industry-leading load-up tolerance, meaning they can absorb a huge amount of fine dust without reducing airflow capacity.

So essentially, these increase power without jeopardising your engine. Which is exactly what you want to hear when your car is practically brand-spanking-new, right?

Price £59

For more info see ITG Air Filters