This is what happens when a trio of legends in the Japanese car world collide. I’m talking of course, about Honda who make the ballistic new FK8 Type-R.

HKS who expertly craft this dribble-worthy work of stainless steel perfection. And Sumo Power who actually make sure we can get our mitts on one here in the UK!

So, what’s so special? Well, apart from the rather epic-looking titanium tips, this premium LEGAMAX exhaust uses 75mm diameter pipe and a straighter design for a 50% increase in flow over standard.

This helps the turbo run more smoothly across the rev range, increases engine output and can support mods producing up to 540bhp of grunt. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s from HKS too? Kudos points aplenty!

Price £1200

For more info see Sumo Power