The best place to start your journey into better car audio is to replace the existing door speakers. However, if the aim is to achieve rich lows and clear precise high’s then these could be for you.

Designed specifically to work directly off existing head units, these Hertz Uno coaxial speakers reach surprisingly low, to deliver forceful, yet musical bass.

The high frequency response and dispersion characteristics of a speaker are essential for establishing an accurate stereo image for maximum enjoyment, particularly when the speaker positions are low down in the car.

In the Uno, rather clever patented V-cone technology  ensures that sound gets to the listener’s ears rather than remaining around the knees, as with most budget speakers on the market.

According to UK Distributor FOUR Car Audio the Uno component tweeters are equipped with an annular acoustic lens to further help with dispersion, whilst Coaxial speakers achieve similar results by utilising a specifically shaped faceplate. Sounds good to us!

Designed as entry-level drop in replacements for consistently poor factory standard speakers, Hertz UNO contains much of the DNA enjoyed by its high-end products.

The range consists of three pairs of 2-way components and four pairs of coaxial speakers and even a shallow mount 12” subwoofer.

Priced from £50

For more info see Four Car Audio