Want epic bass in a practical package? The Hertz Mille PRO shallow subwoofer box could be exactly what you need…

Remember the days when every Saturday night cruise would be buzzing with bass, every Saxo and Fiesta around opening up its boot so you could bask in the splendor of their mighty subwoofer enclosures? Well, the world’s moved on a bit since then. Sure, we still love the bass, but nowadays it’s possible to achieve that level of audio while also actually being able to use your boot for other things.

Hertz Mille PRO shallow subwoofer specs

Behold, the fresh Mille PRO shallow subwoofer box from the audio experts at Hertz. This ultra-shallow sealed enclosure delivers breathtaking low frequency from a box that’s only 160mm (6.3in) deep. So, you’ve got all the bass you desire and you can also get your football kit or the weekly shop in there.

Hertz’s range of shallow subwoofers all offer this desirable mix of quality and practicality. The subs are optimized to work in ultra-compact sealed boxes starting from only 14-litres for 10-inch models (MPS 250) and 22.7-litres for 12-inch models (MPS 300). As such they allow you to fit a subwoofer enclosure in situations that don’t offer much in the way of width or height. For example, under the rear bench of a pick-up truck, perhaps.

These subwoofers have a depth/performance ratio never achieved before thanks to the impressive cone excursion capacity which is 20% higher than a traditional design. What does this mean? In essence, that despite the compact dimensions, there’s no compromise in performance. Hertz has neatly designed these clever shallow sub enclosures to maximize the speakers’ power and quality: the panel-to-panel internal bracing on all sides of the box features solid corners to minimize resonances, while the internal sound-absorbing material virtually increases the volume of the box and further damps acoustic resonances. The 15mm wood thickness provides an incomparable robustness, and with its Plug-&-Play terminal block and traditional push terminals, you get bulletproof connection and quick-release. It’s a super-modern approach to old-school frequencies.