We just love some properly clever shit here at FC. In fact, that’s probably why we still keep Midge around, (can you guess Midge wrote this?). Well, this all-new HELIX P SIX amplifier certainly falls into that category.

It’s not so much the fact it’ll chuck 230 watts (RMS) up each of its six channels to power your whole system. It’s not even that it’s got a seriously mind-blowing eight-channel digital signal processor, or that, being the first on the market with a 96khz sampling rate for extended frequency response, it sets a new standard of ‘Ultra HD Class D’ technology. Nope, it’s all the features we’ve never even dreamed of that makes it spot on for the most up-to-date motors.

First up, this one ensures a constant internal supply voltage, even if the battery drops below 6 volts (while cranking), making it a real audiophile-pleaser for cars with all that new-fangled, eco-friendly, stop-start bollocks.

It also has a special Power Save Mode, which turns the amp off after a minute of no signal. That may not sound important of course, but it’s worth remembering that many modern motors leave their stereo ‘invisibly’ turned on for up to 45 minutes after you take the keys out.

Automatic Digital Signal Detection, processed RCA outputs and a Smart high-level input come as standard too, and it’ll even run at 24 volts. Just in case you fancy whacking it in a competition car. Or a lorry.

There’s a whole lot more but, put simply, you’re looking at one of the most cutting edge amplifiers on today’s market. Start saving.

Price £900

For more info see Audiotec Fischer