Driving, owning and maintaining a modified car can be expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. But, Car Hacks, a new concise manual from Haynes Publishing, could save your day with 126 simple hacks, tips and tutorials to transform your car and improve daily motoring life.

Car Hacks allows everyone – even those with no mechanical knowledge – to upskill their vehicle with minimal time, effort and money.

The book explains how to use objects lying around the home to improve life in your car, inside and out, whether it’s for mechanical, practical or economic reasons. This concise manual features a whole host of quick and simple hacks for cleaning, interior upgrades, maximising fuel economy, and importantly keeping kids (and adults!) amused on long journeys.

It provides pointers on everything from how to stop shopping bags from tipping or how to fix scratches and dents, through to making a simple rubbish bin, defrosting your car and much more.

car-hacks-haynes  manual

Released just in time for Christmas, the book includes a large section on travel hacks for families such as ideas for cup holder expanders, tablet holders and snack packs. It is hacks like these which are essential for the long journey over the holiday season when visiting family or friends.

In true Haynes fashion, many of the hacks are written in a step-by-step format allowing anyone – even those with little mechanical knowledge – to upskill their vehicle with minimal time and effort. It provides comprehensive how-to guides which concentrate on the small touches which can revolutionise the car environment without altering the operation or safety of the vehicle.

Price £13

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