Yes, it’s finally summer and that means it’s time to get those posh new wheels on, so quite obviously, you’ll all be needing one of these!

It goes without saying that no car nut should be without a proper trolley jack stashed away in the garage… and this Hawk Professional Series item is clearly one of the swishest out there. For the money, it’s also one of those tool porn bargains that don’t come up very often.

To be fair this isn’t the only jack in the Hawk Tools line-up either, they offer a whole selection of TUV approved jobs starting at around 50-quid.

This particular item however, not only has a proper pro-style ‘twin-piston’ setup for quick and easy lifting, but the sturdy aluminium chassis is super-lightweight too.

Light enough to stuff in your boot for trackday heroics, or for getting your mates out of trouble with those tricky on-the -road repairs. Who doesn’t need some of that in their life?

Price £150

For more info see Hawk Tools