When it comes to turbo tuning, or any other tuning for that matter, heat is the enemy. Well, now all you purveyors of forced induction can combat those under-bonnet temperatures for cheap, with this top-notch turbo blanket from Forge Motorsport.

The idea is simple. You wrap this little wonder around the hot side of your blower and the complex calcium-magnesium silicate wool and silica-fabric inner core will keep the heat inside where it belongs.


This’ll not only help prolong the life of components, but ultimately bag you more power, due to less of the hot stuff soaking or being drawn into your engine.

Being able to withstand up to 1,260 ̊C or over 1,000 ̊C of continuous punishment, this one is at home on any race-prepped track weapon, as it is any road car too. You’ll be surprised what difference a simple mod like this can make. And at this price, it’d be rude not to.

Price £36

For more info see Forge Motorsport